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I wanted to give you my feedback on the New Pacey Cuff Ultra model which I received on Friday.  It's excellent...a fantastic improvement on the Turbo model!

It's certainly has given me better leakage control and comfort. I'm not going through as many pads as before and I can sometimes go 10 hours between the first pad and the second pad. On Saturday, I just used two pads during the day with the Ultra model whereas before with the Turbo model I was using about 4 pads a day as I could never get the Turbo model tight enough.

In addition, the Ultra model is easier to tighten with no pinching. I was very impressed with how comfortable it is. In fact, I tried it out without the Power Sleeve for three hours to see how it would feel and again, I was very impressed; no pinching issues and I could even get the Cuff tighter if I wanted to.

So kudos to everyone and thanks for the excellent product...the results are stellar.

- Jack

I would say I definitely have better leak protection with the Cuff than I had before. I can now actually have the feeling of a full bladder. So, I'm happy with the cuff – used in conjunction with a pad. I guess the only way to improve what I have is to have an artificial sphincter put in and I can't say I'm keen on more surgery. So, thanks for developing the cuff and for keeping on with improvements.

– Don B.

Hi it's Ingrid D. calling for my husband Brian. You contacted him last week regarding the sizing of his Pacey Cuff™. He reported to me today that he is gone from 75% to probably 95%. It's been life changing for him and he's not having to rely on incontinence products that he did before. We just wanted to thank you.

– Brian & Ingrid D.

The Pacey Cuff™ is, with a little time spent in fitting, fairly comfortable to wear and does stop leakage. Customer support is excellent. Do not pull on the bottom tab as it will tear off quite easily and there is no reason to move the bottom tab as all of the adjustment is on the top. After I tore the bottom tab off of my Pacey Cuff™, Customer service replaced it even though it my fault that the bottom tab was broken and the cuff was still functional without the bottom tab. They are a pleasure to deal with. (5-Star Rating on Amazon)

– Ken S.

Jim has been using all kinds of Clamps over the past several years and he confirmed that the Pacey Cuff™ is the best option available. He said that after a couple of tries using it and understanding how to tighten the Cuff adequately, he has been able to achieve full leak protection. He said it was extremely comfortable and was allowing him to even go out and have a drink with his friends without the worry that he would normally have.

– Jim A.

The Pacey Cuff™ has been a great relief for me, I can now work in the garden and go for my walks without worries. It is very easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear during the day. It has been six years since my surgery and now the first time that I do not have to wear pads and can live a more normal life.

– Darrell P.

Such a relief! Finally found a cuff that works... I made sure to read the sizing charts on the website and it fits perfectly. So happy that it controls the leaks throughout the day. Customer support is also A+ -- very easy to call in and talk to someone. Would absolutely recommend!

– Kris B.

The device does work towards the goal of helping our patients live normally after Prostate Cancer Treatment.

– Candace Frey, Prostate Cancer Centre (LPN – Clinical Coordinator of RAC 4 Program)

This is an excellent product and has almost completely eliminates my anxiety around my condition. It works!

– Richard S.

What a discovery!!! I have been suffering with urinary incontinence for the past 4 years, following a radical prostatectomy and then radiation. Depending on my activity level, I was going through 1 to 3 pads a day. I purchased the Pacey Cuff™ a month ago and have pretty much given up my pads! After I mastered tightening it to prevent leaks and at the same time preventing pinching of the skin, it is now part of my routine. If put on properly it is very comfortable and effective. I have had occasion to call their Customer Support a couple times. Each time, Nadine was very, very helpful. Finally! A product that has lived up to its promises for me and with a support line to address any concerns. Thank you Pacey Cuff™!

– Thomas

Pleasantly Surprised! Adjustable Fit Helps. Box arrived with the cuff, a pouch, and instructions on fitment. It was all very clear and if you can put on a wrist watch, then you are way ahead of the game! That's actually the first thing that appealed to me about the cuff - it is not a clamp! This thing is very customizable and I really appreciated this right off the bat. It does take a few tries to get to the right tension, but once you figure this part out, you are able to get the right amount of control for you. Not being a clamp, I found the cuff very comfortable (all things considered). Once I got it tightened adequately, I had a significant reduction in leaks. After a few days I was definitely more comfortable, both with the process and that I was able to leave the house without worrying so much about leaks. Right now that's exactly what I'm looking for and that makes this is the best leak prevention device I've tried so far.


Works for me. Is satisfying the churning and will be able to get me to my next operation in November.

– Amazon Customer

Effective and Confortable! Works as described. I am able to go about my daily activities without any concerns.

– Frank

Makes life with some incontinence a lot easier. The Pacey Cuff™ has cut down pad usage to 1 or 2 a day. It took some getting used too but is as easy as putting on a wrist watch. It takes some getting used to but once you get into a routine it almost becomes 2nd nature. The only thing I would like to see is a little longer tab on the piece you slip under when fastening to the Velcro.

– Linda K.

Now able to live my life. This product helped me to lead a normal life again. I can now go for a walk and not worry about leaking and I couldn't do that before. It took me some time to figure out how to easily adjust it on my own. I called their customer support for help and they were very informative. I would recommend this cuff. And if not, you can always send it back. They have great customer service.

– Constan V.

It did hold back leaking with very little leaking. Suggest giving it a try.

– William

Dispositivo incontinencia Excelente resultado!

– Steven S.

An excellent and helpful device. This devices is well designed and is remarkably easy to wear. One has to do a bit of adjusting to get the fit and the tension right. The online telephone support is excellent. The device has been very helpful to me.

– John L.

Comfortable, easy to use and feel relaxed while out shopping. Feel confident to travel and not worry so much about incontinence. It is comfortable. I bought it for my husband and he is very happy with the product.

– Anonymous

Very helpful dealing with a difficult situation.
  1. Comfort. when properly adjusted I pretty much forget I am wearing it. My normal use is up to 3 hours when out of the house on an extended errand. On those days where I will be out and about for the entire day I employ a condom catheter and leg bag.
  2. Ease of use. Fairly easy, but not as easy as I had hoped. The fact that the curved top plate goes into position by being rotated over top the penis I find leads to encouraging the penis to twist a bit letting the urethra fall off to the side of the bottom pad into the angular slot formed by the edge of the bottom pad and the tension strap. This position greatly reduces effectiveness and must be re-positioned. A bit tedious.
  3. Leak control. Fairly good but not foolproof. However, this is as I anticipated. I am of the opinion that the adjustment should be firm enough to discourage most leakage but not so tight that nothing gets through, like during a hard sneeze. That would be tight enough for discomfort and limiting blood circulation. Anyway, it achieves what I had hoped it would, allowing me to be out on an extended errand and not come anywhere close to saturating the pad being worn.

– D. Bennetts

This is my second cuff and I like it much better than the rest. I have been incontent and also have ED since my prostrate was removed because of cancer. It has been about a year and a half, Jan. 2018 since my surgery. I started with a catheter and a bag, which was so much fun then I found the condom catheter and the leg bag. By this time I was very discussed with the whole thing. My urologist finally suggested I try the Cunningham clamp after failing to get my Kegel muscle strong enough to stop the flow of urine, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am 70. The Cunningham clamp does work but you cannot wear it at night because it cuts off blood flow to the penis. Sorry for being so negative but if you have had the radical prostatectomy you are aware of what I am talking about. So I obtained the Pacey Cuff™ to see if it would help, a bit spendy but I wanted to solve this problem. It took me weeks of trial and error to get the cuff tightened correctly without pinching the skin but tight enough to restrict the flow of urine. I learned that if I pull the head of my penis while tightening the strap I could keep my skin from being pinched. None of these devices are perfect, why my conclusion is your penis is not always the same size, it varies and I am not talking about an erection, I have ED. The Pacey Cuff™ comes in 3 sizes, S M L, make certain you follow the sizing guidelines and not you male attitude. My doctor has provided me with training and a prescription for Alprostadil . This is injected into the side of my penis with a very small needle. It is a very effective way to get an erection. Unfortunately they can last some 3 hours or better. I am afraid that I can't do that any more. Using the Pacey Cuff™ which is very comfortable and adjustable has made this much more enjoyable.

– Jval

I love this product! The main thing I use it for is for preventing penile retraction (turtling). This is the only device that works!! I highly recommend this!.. I have ordered 2.. had a small issue with the second one. I contacted the Company and they were fantastic!! Immediately they responded and resolved my concern. This is an extremely comfortable product. You can barely notice you have it on.

– PB

I have been using the Pacey Cuff™ - as part of a clinical trial - since it was developed about a year ago. Over that time the cuff has gone through a number of revisions as the company responded to feedback from users such as myself. I have been using the current version for several weeks and can say that it is the best one I have used. For me, the cuff does not completely eliminate my incontinence but it has reduced the number of pads I use each day and, more importantly, gives me an extra degree of control and confidence. I will continue to use the Pacey Cuff™.

– Don B.

When I had it positioned correctly, it was very comfortable and there was essentially no leakage at all. I was surprised that I was able to do a three mile walk this AM with no leakage

– SH

Thank you. I am happy with my latest purchase-the most comfortable products by far.

– CF

Life has been much better and easier with your cuff.

– VZ


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