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This is the world leading male urinary incontinence clamp designed to minimize male urinary leakage while maintaining penile blood flow.

Pacey Cuff Urinary Incontinence Clamp for Men. (Penis clamp for male urinary incontinence).

The Pacey Cuff Ultra stops leaks during any activity - unlike bulky and cheap penile clamps.

It will last you at least 6 months - or your money back!

It is lightweight and discrete - get the right size and you will forget you have it on.

It is an award winning design - with over thousand users worldwide, we know it works.

***All of our products are metal and latex free.***

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Pacey Cuff & Power Sleeve Application

Watch and learn how to correctly apply the Pacey Cuff and Power Sleeve.

Pacey Cuff Adjustment

Watch and learn how to adjust the bottom of the Pacey Cuff along the Velcro strap for the best fit and results!

Step 1 - Apply the Power Sleeve

Apply the Power Sleeve towards the base and attach the Velcro.

The Power Sleeve can be loose or snug.

Step 2 - Adjust the Bottom

Adjust the Bottom - make the device smaller or larger by sliding the bottom along the strap like a belt buckle. The gold nubs and small numbers are your guide.

Towards the 1 is looser and towards the 4 is tighter.

Center the bottom foam under your urethra.

Find your urethra with your finger tip, blocking urine leakage by applying upward pressure.

Step 3 - Apply the Pacey Cuff

Apply the Pacey Cuff over the Power Sleeve.

Secure the Pacey Cuff - press the top and bottom parts together with your weak hand and lay the strap down with your dominant hand.

Check for any pinching or leaking.

Ensure the top and bottom parts are centered.

***A helpful tip for applying the Pacey Cuff***

Try placing the top first and holding it in place while wrapping the bottom and strap around. This can make it easier to keep everything centered and aligned.

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The Pacey Cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stop the flow of urine. The top of the Pacey Cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked.

Using a soft tape measure, measure the circumference mid-shaft of the penis, behind the head. Based on that number you can then choose the best size. If your measurement falls on the cusp between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. For example if your measurement is 4" (10cm) circumference, you would order the Large size.

The Pacey Cuff is primarily for day use. Lessen the compression of the Pacey Cuff at night when there is less need for control. Please discuss the use of the device over a 24 hour period with a medical professional.

In the United States the Pacey Cuff falls under the HCPCS Code A4356

- External urethral clamp or compression device.

Download Medicare claim form here!

SEND THE COMPLETED FORM TO YOUR MEDICARE ADMINISTRATIVE CONTRACTOR – Include a copy of the itemized bill and any supporting documents.

In Canada, the Pacey Cuff may be covered by extended health such as Pacific Blue Cross or Sun Life. In all cases, reimbursement will depend on your specific policy.

The Pacey Cuff is categorized under penile clamp/incontinence clamp.

Please contact your insurance coverage representative for more information.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Visit our Return Policy page to learn more.

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