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How does the Pacey Cuff Work?

Learn how the Pacey Cuff Ultra & Power Sleeve work together to provide all day incontinence protection →


Rule your body and assert control over your incontinence. Our patented design allows for 24 hour dependability and control of leakage, effectively eliminating day-to-day issues related to incontinence.


The most comfortable product on the market, and the most mobile option as well. You’ll never have felt this amount of comfort and flexibility with any other protective product on the market. Be liberated from your incontinence, and be free to take on the world with nothing holding you back.


Live life on YOUR terms, not your body’s. Utilizing a revolutionary design, the Pacey Cuff stands out from the competition on a whole different level. With its unique form factor, Pacey Cuff has zero negative effects on the way you live your life.

Success Stories

For nine months I have been using the Pacey Cuff Ultra and it has allowed me to return to nearly normal activity level in all I do. The Cuff is easy to use, totally painless when put on properly, is totally inconspicuous and requires no special care or complicated instruction. I have purchased several to cover emergencies and cleaning to allow continuous use. I completely recommend the Cuff and for those in similar condition, you will find the Pacey MedTech people supportive and caring.

- Don H.

I am a retired doctor. Used several other external devices. Consulted my urologist who advised that there was only a 10-15% chance that an internal device (surgically placed sphincter) would work. After using the Pacey cuffs for about a year, I am very impressed with the cuffs — and with the very friendly and helpful staff. I have a very positive feeling about the company. I found that it took time and effort to place the cuff in a way that minimized leaks and produced maximum comfort. Note I say “minimize” leakage. I still always wear a pad, to give me confidence. Some days, I forget I have the cuff on. Some days, I have trouble getting it just right. But when I reflect on life without it, those days of very wet pads, of changing wet pads through the day, I am deeply grateful to Dr Pacey.

Frank G.


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