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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying & Adjusting The Pacey Cuff


Product Info

>  The Pacey Cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stop the flow of urine.
>  The top of the Pacey Cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked.
>  As the bladder fills, the pressure increases, resulting in possible leakage. The Pacey Cuff is most effective when you empty your bladder at regular intervals.

> We recommend watching the video: How to Apply the Pacey Cuff 
> First, wrap the Power Sleeve (included with the Pacey Cuff) around the penis, mid-shaft.
> Apply the Pacey Cuff directly over top of the Power Sleeve.
>  Always compress the upper and lower parts together with the dominant hand.
>  Compress until you feel that the compression would stop leakage. NOTE: This is the same action as squeezing your penis with your fingers to stop leakage. But in this case, you have the Pacey Cuff top and bottom between your fingers, squeezing the penis.
>  Apply the strap with the other hand when you achieve the desired tightness. Note the number on the strap and use during reapplication.
>  If leakage continues, remove the Cuff and try again. Squeeze the penis with Pacey Cuff top and bottom but apply a tighter squeeze than before.
>  The goal with the Pacey Cuff is to limit leakage with the least amount of pressure necessary. This will ensure comfort and maintain circulation in the penis.

>  First read: “How to apply the Pacey Cuff”.
> We also recommend watching the video: How to Adjust the Pacey Cuff
>  Adjust the Pacey Cuff by:
        ‐ Varying the tightness of the top strap (note the number that works for you).
        ‐ Moving the bottom piece in either direction.
>  Start application with the bottom part set around the 2-3 mark - attach the Pacey Cuff. If leaking stops, make note of the top number on the top strap (this is the setting that will stop the leaks).
>  If after the first attempt you are leaking, remove the Pacey Cuff and tighten the Cuff. You do this by shifting the bottom part toward a higher number (4-4.5). Reattach the Pacey Cuff.
>  If after the first attempt you feel your skin pinching, try to manually remove the skin from the corners. If that does not resolve the issue, remove the Pacey Cuff. Loosen the Cuff by shifting the bottom part toward a lower number (1-2). Reattach the Pacey Cuff.
>  When you find your optimal settings, make note of the numbers centered on both the top and bottom straps. These are the settings that are right for you!
>  The closure number is usually consistent and reliable.

The Pacey Cuff is a specific Urethral Compression Device which is designed for compression of the urethra to minimize leakage and also to protect the dorsal penis circulation so that ischemic pain from blood vessel obstruction does not occur.

Yes! Please review our worldwide distributors list here for contact information.

Urine is sterile and washing the device with warm water is sufficient. Use a mild, hypo-allergenic soap to clean the Pacey Cuff if needed. The Cuff may be used while swimming or showering but must be dried thereafter.

This depends on the medical plan and country that you are in. It is very likely that your device purchase will be covered but you may require a physician’s prescription.

The Pacey Cuff falls under the HCPCS Code A4356 - External urethral clamp or compression device.

Size & Fitting

Sizing the Pacey Cuff requires the user to make measurements of the penis and to use the sizing chart located HERE.
Some patients have found having 2 different sizes on hand to be effective for day or night use.

Sizing the Pacey Cuff requires the user to make measurements of the penis and to use the sizing chart located HERE.
Some patients have found having 2 different sizes on hand to be effective for day or night use.


The average time it takes a new user to become comfortable with using the Pacey Cuff is 2-4 days. Keep trying and don’t give up! When you find the right technique, the Pacey Cuff is very effective and comfortable for the majority of men! We recommend using a light pad as a backup when using the Pacey Cuff. Pacey MedTech offers the reusable Pacey Cuff Drip Guard or Incontinence Jock.

>  If you feel pinching, ensure you have applied the Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve before applying the Pacey Cuff.
> Secondly, try to manually remove any skin pinched between the upper and lower parts of the Cuff. Pinched skin would be the only cause of pain when using the Pacey Cuff.
>  Petroleum jelly (ie. Vaseline) on the skin or Pacey Cuff can also be useful to protect the skin.

The Pacey Cuff has a unique degree of closure for each individual person. The number required to control urine flow is found by individual testing. The number, indicating pressure, can be increased if leaking occurs. A thin pad used in combination with the Cuff may be used to capture occasional drops of urine

Consult the Instructions for Use provided, prior to use. Treat any existing skin infections before using the Pacey Cuff. Follow the instructions of your physician. Possible co-morbidities may impact the use of the device. (Please discuss them with your caregiver or physician). Possible co-morbidities include but are not limited to:

>  Poor blood supply to the pelvic area.
>  Diabetes may cause vascular disease, sensory loss, and skin issues.
>  Neurologic deficiency or drug use may limit the use of the Pacey Cuff.

>  The regular or continuous use of the Pacey Cuff may cause a modest enlargement of the penis. There are no other known side effects associated with the use of the Pacey Cuff.
>  Skin irritation is possible if skin pinching is not prevented.


>  The Pacey Cuff is primarily for day use. Lessen the compression of the Pacey Cuff at night when there is less need for control.
>  Please discuss the use of the device over a 24 hour period with a medical professional.
>  Always void every 1-2 hours, depending on fluid intake.

While there is no expiry date on the Pacey Cuff, most users will replace their Pacey Cuff every 4-6 months. Also, typically one could have 2 devices for convenience and because the devices are used throughout the day and often at night.

>  We recommend wearing a protective pad with the Pacey Cuff to absorb any drops that may occur.
>  Conditions such as bladder filling and vigorous exercise (ex. skiing, jogging etc) may increase the pressure on the bladder and result in some leaking.
>  We recommend that regular voiding occur when wearing the Pacey Cuff (every 1-2 hours).

There are no contraindications for use of the Pacey Cuff with implants. However, in some cases the Pacey Cuff is not as effective for men who do have an implant. Use the Cuff as directed and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Please contact our Customer Support team if you have any questions regarding use with an implant.

Yes, you can. Do not retract the foreskin before applying the Pacey Cuff. Allow the foreskin to rest in its natural position and apply the Power Sleeve and the Pacey Cuff mid-shaft, fully behind the head of the penis.

NO! The Pacey Cuff is not a clamp. Unlike traditional penile clamps, the Pacey Cuff preserves the circulation in the penis. Because of the adjustable design of the Pacey Cuff, it will take some practice to use. The key is to find your correct settings needed to minimize the leaks.


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