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The Psychology of Incontinence. Part 3

Jack Pacey, CEO of Pacey MedtechThe best tools in the world are enabled by skilled users. The Pacey Cuff is no exception and we have designed it to replace the outdated style penis clamps for male urinary incontinence.

With a higher level of function and adjustability, the Pacey Cuff provides a custom fit and circulation protection, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout your day. We provide concise video and printed training tools backed by our exceptional customer service team.

Like any new tool, it will take a couple days of getting used to and we strongly recommend using a backup reusable absorbent pad during this learning period.

The Pacey Cuff arrives with a free Power Sleeve and the device arrives set at 3.5 on the bottom part (the urethral compressor). The urethral compressor part can be moved to the 4 position for a tighter fit and more control. It can be moved in the other direction towards the 3 and 2.5 settings for a looser fit.

Careful attention is needed for learning to adjust both the top and bottom in half increments as a small adjustment can make a world of difference. Depending on your circumference and the size you order, you can try 2 to begin, then move to 2.5 and wear the device for a period to seem if control is achieved by inspecting the backup pad. You can see how much urine, if any, has leaked through. Then if it is needed go to 3.0 on the top. A ½ cm difference can be important. Once your desired balance of control and comfort is reached mark the strap so that one can reapply at the best setting. Nail polish is a durable marking product that is readily available and acceptable to mark the plastic parts.

This mark also prevents over tightening the device during use. Adjusting the bottom should be done if one is not successful with top adjustment. Over a few months this might change a half or quarter increment as with usage the device foam thickness compresses a couple millimetres.

If you live an active lifestyle, gaining leakage controlled can be a challenge, because periodic increases in abdominal pressure cause extra pressure in the bladder. We all want to minimize these leaks and to that end, hourly voiding and backing up with a reusable absorbent pad provides additional security.

Alcohol containing solutions, commonly used on the face, can provide anti-bacterial and odour protection- eg. Aqua Velva. Commonly available Vaseline provides skin comfort at times.

Pacey Cuff is a modern penile technology which is designed to be worn all day. It is optimal to void every 1-2 hours when using the device and a pad backup is recommended, especially while learning how to use the device or during intense physical exercise.

This is our solution to give you confidence and relieve some of your uncertainty around urine control while you live your life day to day.

Dr. Jack Pacey

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Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock
Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock with reusable absorbent pads  

Pacey Cuff Ultra incontinence clamp for men.      

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