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Will I ever feel like myself again? The reality of dealing with male urinary incontinence.

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You're incontinent. You may have recently undergone treatment for Prostate Cancer. Or treatment may have happened years ago. Whichever the case, you now are finding it a challenging issue to deal with.

You're not alone. More that 3.4 million men deal with some level or urinary incontinence in the United States. For anyone dealing with urinary incontinence, you know that it can be a very frustrating time. Do you rely on bulky and messy disposables? You might use a combination of items - diapers, pads, external catheters, clamps and so on. Yet you try to manage those leaks and you still find yourself seeking alternatives.

Incontinence clamps cause crushing pain, diapers and pads are bulky and messy. External bags and catheters are awkward. There is a reason you find yourself looking for something else. 

Clamps crush, Pacey Cuff brings comfort 

Traditional incontinence clamps crush the penis like a vice and as a result, stop both urine and blood flow.

The Pacey Cuff is not a 'clamp' but it is a 'cuff'. It protects your circulation and nerve supply with its circular design. The Pacey Cuff’s compression pad puts pressure on the urethra - stopping the flow of urine at the source.


Disposables diapers and/or pads - the drawbacks


Adult diapers can be costly and can run up to $300 per month out-of-pocket as they are not covered by most insurance plans. 

Environmental Impact

The manufacture and disposal of adult diapers exacts a high environmental toll.

Skin discomfort

Adult diapers hold moisture and can lead to skin irritation or rashes. 


Especially when urine is concentrated (such as when fluid intake is low), or with certain medications, urine may emit a strong odor.  Adult diapers offer little to no protection against odors, a potential cause of embarrassment.

Limited wear time

Adult diapers must be changed frequently to avoid skin irritation, leaks and odor. 

Leaks and accidents

There is always the potential for absorbency leaks with adult diapers. Diaper material may also bunch with wear, causing embarrassing bulges in certain types of clothing.


Let comfort become a given for you, every day.

Pacey Cuff Urethral Control Device

The Pacey Cuff controls urine flow by applying selective pressure on the urethra. The top of the Pacey Cuff has a larger surface area and exerts a lower compression force on the blood supply. The blood vessels are on the top of the penis and the urethra is underneath.  You control leakage by gradually increasing the urethral compression. The top strap holds the tension and you adjust the bottom piece to fine tune the fit.

This is the perfect cuff for me. It's comfortable, inconspicuous (unlike clamps, which can be pretty obvious even under clothes) and it controls leakage. If you need help or advice, the company responds quickly. (Amazon sent me the wrong size twice, so I did contact Pacey Med Tech by phone.) A little attention to fit and position is desirable when first wearing the cuff, but after that it's a simple matter to position it correctly. - Bill H. - December, 2020 

This clamp has made my husband with incontinence since prostate cancer surgery a happy man. He loves the comfort and he is dry. He says it is like not having a clamp. I have not seen him smile like this since he had his prostate removed 2 years ago. Thank you for this product. - Amazon Customer, November 2020

How can Pacey Cuff products become a part of your solution?

The Pacey Cuff Ultra & Power Sleeve + the Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock. The complete kit to keep you comfortable and dry, all day long.
pacey cuff urinary incontinence clamp

Pacey MedTech offers a series products for you to use together to control urine leakage and save money. 

We design and develop our products with an active user in mind. We want you to be able to resume activities you have otherwise avoided due to incontinence.
All items are reusable, as we value the importance of being environmentally responsible. The central product is, of course, the Pacey Cuff. When used with the Power Sleeve, you can expect all day comfort.
The machine-washable Incontinence Jock sits within form-fitting underwear to catch any excess drops of urine. Its waterproof yet breathable pouch keeps you cool and dry all day long. Layer the absorbent pads and stay confident and dry.
We offer savings when you buy a bundle. Our goal is to help you achieve daily freedom using our devices and accessories. Correct size and training are key for comfort and success and the team at Pacey MedTech are ready help.
For more insight on how to stay young while aging see the article Expert’s Advice: Everything on Aging in Place where Dr. Jack Pacey, MD, FRCSc has been featured.


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