Pacey Cuff Almohadillas absorbentes reutilizables para incontinencia, paquete de 2

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Almohadillas absorbentes reutilizables Pacey Cuff (para usar con el incontinence Jock), paquete de 2

Las almohadillas absorbentes reutilizables Pacey Cuff absorben fugas leves a medianas mientras vive su vida cotidiana con comodidad. Hemos diseñado los absorbentes reutilizables Pacey Cuff para usar con el Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock. Inserte la almohadilla absorbente en la bolsa del Incontinence Jock. Absorberán cualquier gota o fuga, manteniéndote seco todo el día. Coloque múltiples almohadillas en el Jock para aumentar el nivel de absorción.

Las almohadillas reutilizables eliminan la humedad del cuerpo para que se sienta seco y cómodo. Para reutilizar las almohadillas, lávelas y séquelas con su ropa habitual. Al igual que con todos nuestros productos para la incontinencia, nos comprometemos a ofrecer reutilización y durabilidad. Mantenga los costos bajos mientras maneja las fugas de orina.

Las almohadillas se venden en prácticos paquetes de 2.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

thank you.

Nick Parkinson
Helps me stay confident maintain and active lifestyle

I almost exclusively use the Pacey Cuff underwear protectors that use the advertised absorbent pads. Both have made life for me great! I'm a young person (29) with functional incontinence and an overactive bladder. These pads stop all leaks, and allow me to keep up an active lifestyle that includes regular Muay Thai and BJJ classes, something that would have not been possible with my condition without these pads.

They feel incredibly comfy, dry easy (making small leaks during the day almost unnoticeable when it happens), and are extremely concealable. I don't advertise that I wear these in my personal life, and many people would be surprised that I even have incontinence!

If you have light to mild incontinence and want an alternative to incontinence products that are concealable, easy to wash, and allow for exercise I highly recommend this product!"

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