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Better Together - Ultimate Confidence Starter Kit

Introducing the Ultra Confidence Starter Kit, your all-in-one solution for dryness, comfort, and leakage protection. This kit includes the Pacey Cuff Ultra urethral control device, the ActiveGuard reusable incontinence pad, three extra Power Sleeves, and the form-fitting Incontinence Jock with 2 Reusable Absorbent Pads.

Each solution is excellent on its own but is even Better Together. Providing men suffering from urinary incontinence comfortable all-day leakage protection. With this kit, you will return to your day fully protected and confident.

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The Pacey Cuff Ultra is a superior leakage control device and, with proper adjustment and routine voiding, will ensure you stay dry throughout the entire day. It prevents unwanted dribbles while maintaining penile blood flow. Start by choosing the correct size, and adjust it carefully for the most impressive results. The Ultra is Small, lightweight, shaped, and fully adjustable for a perfect fit.


The Power Sleeve works together with the Pacey Cuff and protects your skin while using any urethral control device. Whether you're on the move or relaxing at home, this Power Sleeve and Cuff work together to ensure your comfort. Often men who use them together forget they’re wearing the Cuff at all.


To keep everything securely in place, the Incontinence Jock is the perfect companion for the Pacey Cuff and reusable pads. Its ergonomic design ensures a snug fit, preventing any shifting or discomfort. With the Jock you can confidently go about your daily activities, knowing that everything is securely held in position.


For an extra layer of protection, the ActiveGuard is a reusable urinary incontinence pad with wicking, absorbent, and waterproof layers, which can eliminate the need for costly disposable pads when used with the Pacey Cuff Ultra and Power Sleeve. The ActiveGuard can be used in any regular pair of form-fitting underwear or briefs, ideally ones with a pocket of some sort.

Don't settle for products that offer only partial solutions. With our Ultimate Confidence Starter Kit, you can experience the complete package of dryness, protection, and comfort. Say goodbye to worries and hello to a life of confidence and peace of mind. Try it today and discover a whole new level of comfort and control.


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