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Important Information About The Pacey Cuff™ Device

Pacey Cuff™ Design Features

Pacey Cuff Design Features - Innovations in Male Urinary Incontinence

Pacey Cuff™ Anatomy

  • The   Dorsal hood   of the device can be seen to protect the Dorsal artery and Vein of the Penis.
  • The   patented fenestration    in the dorsal hood is designed to further relieve pressure on the vascular bundle.
  • There is a Velcro® strap "bucket handle guide" which is convenient for the user when reapplying the device.
  • The   foam flap    under the "bucket handle guide" is designed to keep the skin from being pinched when the velcro strap is tightened.
  • The   urethra    is in the centerline of the penis and conveniently lies just under the surface of the skin.
  • The Ventral   compression component    has a large surface area and a small groove to   center    and locate the urethra.
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