Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve (3-Pack)

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Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve (3-Pack)

Penile clamps for urinary incontinence are uncomfortable due to their poor, outdated designs. They often trap and irritate your skin. We designed the Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve to take away that discomfort.The Sleeve is a very thin, yet strong, neoprene fabric band that softens the contact point between the Pacey Cuff Ultra and your delicate skin. The Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve erases all possibility of discomfort.
It offers the following unique benefits:
  • The Power Sleeve ensures a level of comfort that permits you to go about your day's activities without worrying about pinching or leaks.
  • You no longer need to deal with the unnecessary discomfort of crude penis clamps.
  • Every Pacey Cuff Ultra includes one free Power Sleeve.
  • It is reusable. Save the money you've been pouring into disposables and less effective incontinence products.
  • Extra Sleeves are available for sale in packs of 3. 
Made In Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Thomas Austin
wrong item

you sent a single sleeve and a cuff
rather than the three sleeves i`d
ordered, but that `s alright as i can
use what you sent .
all the best ,
tom austin

Jerry Walters
Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve

It should be constructed of a heavier material.

Dr Neal H Jepsen
Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve

They work, stay in place

Kenneth Hicks
Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve

Have been using the Pacey Cuff for about 2 years. Its effective, comfortable and reasonably priced.

Michael McKenna
Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve

These products are well designed and allow me to have worry free days

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