How to adjust the Pacey Cuff™

How to adjust the Pacey Cuff™

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Let’s discuss how to adjust the pacey cuff to improve control. The first step is to check the bottom number on the Pacey Cuff. This should be set at around 3. You may need to loosen or tighten the bottom strap in the first days of use as you determine your optimal settings.

You can shift the bottom tension of the setting like this (moving the strap up or down). Next, you will wrap the Pacey Cuff around the penis. Ensure the bottom pressure pad is compressing the center of the penis underneath. Press the strap through the slot as shown. The higher the number the tighter the cuff.

Ensure the small foam flap is also in place, protecting the skin from pinching. Align the top and bottom parts and compress them with your fingers. Pull the strap across and down securing the Velcro. Make sure no skin is being pinched on either side.

When you need to empty your bladder simply loosen the strap - there is no need to remove the cuff completely. Once you are done, retighten the cuff. You can bring the strap back around to the number you had in the first place, taking out any guesswork.

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