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How does the Pacey Cuff™ work?

NEW Pacey Cuff™ Videos - How it Works

This video shows you how to use the Pacey Cuff and explains how it protects your circulation and stops the leaks.

The circulation in the penis runs along the top side of the penis and inside the corpus cavernosum. The urethra runs along the underside of the penis. 

The Pacey Cuff is a round device that goes around the penis with a curved top or hood and has a pressure pad on the bottom.

The fenestrated hood of the Pacey Cuff protects the circulation - this ensures the blood flows without limitation. Older clamp designs compress the penis. This stops the leaks but also restricts the blood flow. If a clamp restricts the blood flow ischemic pain occurs. The bottom part of the Pacey Cuff has a turbo pad - we call this the compression pad. The compression pad pushes up onto the urethra stopping the leaks. The size and thickness of the pad also ensure comfort to the user. 

This is how to wear the Pacey Cuff. First wrap the Pacey Cuff around the penis, the bottom compression pad on the bottom of the penis and the top fenestrated hood on the top side of the penis. Then compress the Pacey Cuff to the appropriate tension needed to stop leaking. Finally, secure its place by pressing the adjustable Velcro strap down over the top. The Velcro strap has numbers cut into the strap, so you can find the number that works best for you. Remember that number and use it each time you use the Pacey Cuff.    



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