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Treating Skin Changes with Pacey Cuff™

Skin response to Pacey Cuff™ Use

In rare cases, Pacey Cuff™ use may cause skin irritation associated with night-pad use or soap residue. In the event of  non-infectious irritation, temporarily suspend Pacey Cuff use. A protective agent, such as a zinc-based cream, may prompt and accelerate recovery.  This type of cream, often used for diaper rash, provides a moisture barrier.  There are many zinc-based compounds on the market.

While zinc is not recommended for treating infection, it has been shown to suppress Staphylococcus aureus, a commonplace bacteria. Should any rash persist, consult your physician.  Skin infections typically require antibiotics but occur infrequently among most patients. Diabetic patients are especially at risk.

Dr John A Pacey MD FRCSc (CyberJack)

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