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The Psychology of Incontinence: Transformation Through Learning

Our Foundation

Pacey Medtech Ltd. Was founded by a Medical Innovator, Dr. John Pacey and a highly skilled Biomedical Engineer from the University of British Columbia, Ian McDougall. The Goal was to make a difference in the field of Urology by creating an array of tools that could empower men who have been neglected and often desperate doe to Incontinence often produced by the treatment designed to cure the scourge of Prostate Cancer

Our Design

PaceyCuff 1917 won the Canadian Medical Association Prestigious Joule Innovation award and set the stage to make a great contribution to Post Prostatectomy incontinence. The product has carefully designed and tested supportive devices that are designed to give flexibility for those weary sufferers of incontinence. Like all new ideas it takes time to get widespread acceptance and the product performance must do that job.

A Pivotal Year

2021 was a pivotal year because the devices are now widely available in the Americas and 10 plus countries in “Rest of World” markets. Growth to take our place in the medical innovation world will be Plan “A”. The most important activity of PMT is the educational role that we offer to incontinence users so that the “truth will set you free”.

Our Focus on the Psychology of Incontinence

The psychology of incontinence has been our focus because the consequences of chronic incontinence are loss of self esteem, depression, withdrawal from favoured activities and preoccupation with management of the problem. To get out of this trap the individual must get good tools and develop the skills to use them. When trying out the PaceyCuff one must find adjustments and work with them to get to the point that one reduces pad usage while wearing the device throughout the day. Experience will result in steady improvement to the point where life can regain a more normal rhythm.

2022 and Beyond: Continuing to Spread our Message Globally

2022 for us will be used to build our international distributor success in teaching and selling in the far reaches of the globe while serving direct to patients via our web and North American distributors. The teaching aspect is paramount for all to get the results we need.

PaceyCuff innovation will continue this year so keep alert to see what else we may be offering in our Bundling of Products.


For all we wish you a super new year and keep dry!
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PaceyCuff a brand “Fit for a King”


Written by Dr. Jack Pacey

Dr Jack Pacey


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