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The Psychology of Incontinence (Customer is King). Part 4

Dr. Jack Pacey

Pacey Medtech Ltd. Has chosen a Royal Brand Archetype from the “Hero and the Outlaw” 12 Jungian psychological Archetypes. This is important to our patients and customers because it informs our behavior and the approach to our thinking. The Royal Brand colors are Blue and Gold which is fitting for a product “Fit for a King”. I declare that we are the premium brand incontinence product for control of post prostatectomy urinary control in our category and that as a surgeon I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Pacey Medtech products for Royalty. Pacey Medtech customers benefit from a culture that seeks to be in close contact with our patients and use the accumulated feedback to plan the evolution of our portfolio. “The Customer is King” at Pacey Medtech and this is why we get consistent 5 star reviews on our service. The service line is open and we welcome calls for help to teach and learn about our growing line of products.

 pacey cuff pacey jock
Our Incontinence Solutions

Patients who opt for our evolving products can expect a steady path of improvement as time passes and we are sure that repeat purchases will be made in the future to settle into a personal rhythm of usage. The skill of the user increases with time because the nuances of this challenging personal problem become apparent. Pacey Medtech collects feedback to inform our product development pathway, that includes any and all insight you as a valued customer have. PaceyCuff is available on all continents at this time through a growing network of distributors.

The recent addition of the PaceyCuff Jock is very important because the 2 products cut user costs by use of washable “Green” absorbent pads which are simply washed and reused to prevent the vast number of continence pads going to our landfill sites. The disposables, that are all too common, use fiber from tree cutting and plastics in abundance. This design reflects our passion to become part of the environmental solution.



Dr. Jack Pacey

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