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An exceptional educational resource on men's sexual health and prostate cancer treatment and recovery.

The path following a Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be scary and confusing for many. We understand how important support networks are for those in recovery. While the doctors and nurses play a vital role in that recovery journey, sometimes it's finding a group of peers who can relate to the issues faced, that becomes equally as important.

Sara Sattler from Atlarep is a sympathetic, engaging, knowledgeable, and impactful speaker on the topic of men's sexual health and the treatment options associated with prostate cancer. With her dynamic personality and candid approach, each speaking engagement replaces indifference and dismay with curiosity and hope. Sara speaks to patients, partners, doctors, groups, and vendors, coast to coast.

Atlarep works closely with many groups, including USTOO and ZERO Cancer, offering support and guidance to those in need of it. 

Visit Pivotal Rehab to learn more and to find out where she is speaking next!

During Covid, Sara continued to help people across the country by presenting virtually. Here she is speaking from her home in Wisconsin. 

Sara Sattler from Atlarep, LLC


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