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Penile Enlargement with the Pacey Cuff™

Extended use of the Pacey Cuff Urethral Compression Device (UCD) may lead to increased length and diameter of the penis. This observation was made on an individual who has used the device for 10 months during waking hours and occasionally night. This effect is likely due to the protracted mild stimulation coupled with the effect of preserving the arterial circulation during use. The strangulating clamp designs of the past were unlikely to produce this effect because the arterial obstruction inhibits blood flow and makes the metabolism less active.

Innovation remains an active process at Pacey MedTech Ltd., where new improvements in cuff performance can be expected in the coming months and years. Strategies to deal with any operational issues will be developed as well. The penile enlargement issue will be generally welcome by users who in many instances saw some reductions secondary to treatment. It is postulated that the pre-treatment size will likely be restored, and this will be the subject of future observation.

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