Pacey Cuff™ Available in the USA - Urethral Control Device for Men and Male Urinary Incontinence

Pacey MedTech's NEW YouTube Channel

Check out the YouTube Channel for  HERE!

The addition of a Pacey Cuff™  YouTube Channel will be executed very soon to share the knowledge building every day on the use of our Flagship Product.
Pacey MedTech's Continence Cuff for Male Urinary Incontinence
There are many questions incoming from users that could be usefully shared with our International Customers. The technology is now stable so experience is showing helpful application tips and practices.

The development of an international base of users creates an educational opportunity that can best be fulfilled by internet Video teaching.

The Channel will feature our experts and Pacey MedTech Team to give all of the details that one would like to know prior to ordering and also followup teaching that will assist the learning to use phase of ownership. There is a period of adaptation that focusses around the choice of the correct amount of pressure applied by the device that is just sufficient for regular use.

Pacey MedTech NEW YouTube Channel - Videos

The site will also offer a platform for our International Distributors and their Key Physician contacts to have a voice.

Our goal is to have enthusiastic users who will spread the word about our device and help educate others on the nuances of skilled use of the device.

Pacey MedTech NEW YouTube Channel for Male Urinary Incontinence

Don't forget to check out the YouTube Channel for  HERE!
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