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Pacey MedTech Achieves CE Mark

CE Mark News

The CE mark was assigned to the Pacey Cuff for the first time. PMT has engaged Donawa Lifescience Consulting Sri, Plaza Albania, 10 00153, Rome, Italy Tel: +39 06 578 2665 as our European Authorized Representative.

Pacey MedTech Ltd. Online Sales

The Pacey Cuff is available online in the USA and Canada, allowing male patients with  urinary incontinence to benefit from this new technology. European distribution can now begin in earnest as we select high quality distributors in the Eurozone.

Other News

As expected, most users are choosing the medium size; however, the small size is useful for sports such as swimming , skiing , and cycling due to its lower profile. Customers may benefit from using devices of different sizes for different purposes.

Dr. John Pacey has been very active meeting professionals and gaining expert Knowledge.

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