How to Choose the Correct Size for Your Pacey Cuff: A Guide

How to Choose the Correct Size for Your Pacey Cuff: A Guide

Pacey Cuff — How to Choose the Correct Size

If you are considering using the Pacey Cuff urethral control device, it is important to choose the correct size.

The Pacey Cuff is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, Large

It is important to select the size that will provide the best fit. However, as the overlap between sizes is intentionally forgiving, an initial choice will typically be serviceable even if another size would be preferable.


Circumference: 1 - 2.75" (3 - 7cm)

Minimum Length: 1.25" (3cm)


Circumference: 2.75 - 4" (7 - 10cm)

Minimum Length: 1.75" (4cm)


Circumference: 4 - 5.5" (10 - 14cm)

Minimum Length: 2" (4.5cm)


The following chart provides guidance in making this important selection.


Pacey Cuff Size Chart


If you are unsure of which size to choose, it is best to err on the side of caution and select the larger size.

If you have any questions about choosing the correct size for your Pacey Cuff, please consult with your doctor, healthcare provider or contact us here at Pacey Medtech and we'll be happy to help you select the best size for your individual needs!

Confident continence is possible.

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