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Pacey Cuff™ Available World Wide

Pacey Cuff | Urethral Control Device for Continence with Confidence - Post Prostatectomy
CE Mark and Benefit Available Worldwide

The Pacey Cuff worldwide availability is enhanced by CE Labeling. The cuff is now proving to have long-term applicability. The usage pattern that is now suggested is as follows:

  1. Use the cuff during waking hours.
  2. Use a light pad for inevitable drips during use.
  3. Use at night is possible with a reduced pressure when this is required (i.e., a long-distance flight) but this is best avoided as a tissue kindness measure.
  4. The device is ideal for swimming and beach life where leaking is a severe irritation.
  5. The cuff may be rinsed with warm water at end of day and dried over night.
  6. Any evidence of skin irritation should lead one to avoid use for a week or use at reduced pressure to address the issue.
  7. The delight at being free of continuous leakage is a true relief.

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