Pacey Cuff™ Available in the USA: Limbeck - Medizinische Spezialartikel | Control Leaking Urine with Pacey MedTech

Pacey Cuff™ Available in Austria: Limbeck - Medizinische Spezialartikel | Pacey Insights

Pacey MedTech Distributed by LIMBECK

Medizinische Spezialarticel Ganghofergasse 22 / A-1110 Wein

Pacey MedTech Ltd. is  collaborating with the great Austrian company LIMBECK to bring the benefits of the Pacey Cuff™  continence device to patients in Austria. The special vascular protective device controls incontinence  with comfort, allowing customers to  resume  normal activities.

Under our international business model, Pacey MedTech Ltd. aims to  strategically partner  with high-performing companies around the world. Working with this association of award-winning companies is of great  significance for the following reasons:

  • Pacey MedTech Ltd considers patient education a core value.
  • We strive for great customer service combined with world-class product innovation.
  • We always work with the best medical consultants and the finest people.
  • We believe that  continuous product improvement is a worthwhile goal.

Dr. Jack Pacey  would like to thank Professor Wilhelm Heubner, Landesklinikum Korneuburg, for the kind introduction. Dr. Heubner is a world-renowned urological consultant.

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