Pacey Cuff™ | Control Leaking Urine - Post Prostatectomy in the United States

Pacey Cuff™ Meets the International Continence Society in Phoenix, AZ

Pacey Cuff™ at ICS Phoenix Arizona
December  8–9, 2017

The Pacey Cuff™ was displayed to members of the International Continence Society USA workshop in Phoenix Arizona to good effect. Attendee feedback confirmed the clinical need and utility of Pacey Cuff™ to treat stress incontinence post prostatectomy. The post-prostatectomy management teaching neglects the patient in an important way:

  1. The standard Pelvic Floor Exercise Protocols include referrals to Specialist Physiotherapists who do pre- and post-operative pelvic muscle training for patients. Many argue that the establishment of this training prior to surgery adds a degree of muscular strength with post-operative benefits. Logic confirms this expectation. The vigor of any exercise program likely impacts its effect.

  2. During the post-operative recovery period, many individuals have transient (1-12 months) of incontinence, resulting in counterproductive isolation and patient confusion. The incontinence aspect has been de-emphasized by urologists who have a good measure of pride in their abilities. The application of the Pacey Cuff™ by patients during this period has created the Confident Continence that is our primary brand promise. Clearly, patients often take action on their own initiative to manage this leakage by means other than diapers or excessive pad use.

  3. It is, therefore, incumbent on urologists, physiotherapists, and continence nurses to include this in a State of the Art management program.

  4. Widely studied rates of post-surgical incontinence show that approximately 15 percent of patients have a long-term need for the Pacey Cuff™ for an extended period.

Doris Pacey, Specialist Pacey Cuff™ Product Advisor.

- Dr. Jack Pacey MD FRCSc
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