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How to Setup Your Pacey Cuff™ for Success

Guidance on Fitting your new Pacey Cuff™

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New users of the Pacey Cuff™ Urethral Control Device occasionally have issues around sizing and getting the performance from the cuff that they need.  There is a wide range of functional overlap between the existing devices of size Large, Medium, and Small so that , in fact,  most users can use all of the sizes if they are adjusted appropriately. 

Multiple size users of the Pacey Cuff™

Some users of Pacey Cuff™ use multiple sizes for example - for day and night use. The Medium nay be worn during the day and small at night for variation of the footprint on the penis. While this is not necessary it illustrates that most of the size issues are adjustment issues. Medium size anatomy can often accommodate  Large, Medium, and Small devices.

Medium Size - Pacey Cuff™
Pacey Cuff™ size setup

1. The device may be used with the opening gap on the left or right - you will use your dominant hand to compress the upper and lower parts.

2. The bottom part may be adjusted to the left or right so, to begin check that it is adjusted to the 3 position .

3. Place the device on for the first time and thread the strap through the strap guide slot and take up any slack in the strap. Then aim to compress the upper part and the lower part with your dominant hand very firmly to generate compression. Then apply the strap if possible to 3 in the midline and lay it down to engage the velcro. For many users the 3 setting will be comfortable and will achieve continence. The device should be squarely on the penis so that the urethra at the back is compressed in the midline.

4. The device may be adjusted in .5 cm increments as required. If  continence is achieved at 4 , for example,  then one should look at the lower part and adjust it to 4 so that it matches the strap number on the upper hood.

Anatomy of importance

1. The urethra conducts the urine and is found  in the midline below the penis. The Urethra is the target of our compression.

2. The blood vessels are protected by the dorsal hood.


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