Pacey Cuff™ Available in the US to Control Leaking Urine

Doppler Ultrasound Studies

Medical Value Creation for The Pacey Cuff™

The fundamental Value of the Pacey Cuff™ incontinence device is provided by the preservation of penile blood flow during use. 

The 100+ year old clamp designs attempted to protect circulation by use of substantial pressure which was moderated by foam cushions. This group of products generally blocks the blood supply when enough pressure is provided to get control of the urethral urine flow.

The circular cuff designs to date have produced a strangulation effect because of the failure to protect blood flow and thus have pain and limited time of application before relief of the blood supply constriction demands removal.

Figure 1. The unpopularity of older cuff and clamp designs can be seen here with Adult Diapers being the main solution and clamps not even making the list. The users preference for treatment options have generally avoided the devices because of pain and circulation issues.
User Prefrences - Pacey Cuff™ | Urethral Control Device


The prototyping period of Pacey Cuff™ development produced a great many devices that had variable success with control of the Urethral urine flow but all of the devices used the fenestrated hood design and the exceptionally effective hood covering the blood vessels of the dorsal area. The devices were applied to a degree necessary to control urine and then each was tested with the handheld Doppler device to locate an arterial signal on the right side and the left side. All of the prototypes passed this test confirming that the blood supply was unaffected. This testing does not however prove that every penis will have adequate circulation because the presence of extensive atherosclerotic vascular disease, previous trauma, or disease like Diabetes Mellitus can have unpredictable local effects.

The clinical application of the device therefore requires some thought, at times, if expected pain-free use is not experienced. The user should therefore inquire of a Physician or Continence nurse specialist for a second opinion.

Figure 2. The Pacey Cuff™
Pacey MedTech's Continence Cuff for Male Urinary Incontinence
Figure 3. The handheld Doppler device is a mainstay tool for Vascular surgeons. The doppler shift caused by blood flow through the penile vessels produces an audible pulse recognition. This is the device used throughout the R and D period of the Pacey Cuff™.

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