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Dear Readers,

Pacey MedTech is pleased to announce that  BC Medical Journal (BCMJ)  has an article about the Pacey Cuff on their site.

Here is a snippet from BCMJ:

Vancouver-based Pacey MedTech has created a urethral control device that is a reliable solution to urinary incontinence in men—specifically those who have undergone prostate cancer treatment. Urinary incontinence is one of the greatest challenges for men post-prostatectomy. Traditionally, men with incontinence depend on adult diapers/pads, external catheters, leg bags, medication, and penile clamps. These options may be costly, leak, have odor, and produce extreme discomfort. Artificial sphincter surgery is also an option; however, additional surgery is not always possible or wanted by patients with urinary incontinence.

Read the full article:


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