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Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve (3-Pack) [P]


  • COMFORT – The Power Sleeve eliminates pinching from any urinary incontinence device.
  • PREMIUM SOLUTION – Wear it with the Pacey Cuff Ultra and Pacey Cuff Guard to remain comfortable and dry all day long.
  • REUSABLE – Reducing waste as it's washable and durable. each lasts for months at a time.
  • DURABLE – Each sleeve lasts for months and is made with premium fabrics and Velcro attachment tabs.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Money back guarantee within 30 days; 5-star customer support.
  • MADE IN CANADA – All materials sourced in North America.


  • Allows you to keep your active lifestyle - it can be worn during any activity.
  • High quality materials provide better durability, comfort and cleanliness.
  • Cost effective, saving you a lot of money in adult incontinence briefs.


Penile clamps for urinary incontinence are uncomfortable due to their poor, outdated designs. They often trap and irritate your skin. We designed the Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve to take away that discomfort.The Sleeve is a very thin, yet strong, neoprene fabric band that softens the contact point between the Pacey Cuff Ultra and your delicate skin. The Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve erases all possibility of discomfort.

It offers the following unique benefits:

  • The Power Sleeve ensures a level of comfort that permits you to go about your day's activities without worrying about pinching or leaks.
  • You no longer need to deal with the unnecessary discomfort of crude penis clamps.
  • Every Pacey Cuff Ultra includes one free Power Sleeve.
  • It is reusable. Save the money you've been pouring into disposables and less effective incontinence products.
  • Extra Sleeves are available for sale in packs of 3.
    Made In Canada

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