About Pacey MedTech

About Pacey MedTech

Pacey MedTech  is on the cutting edge of incontinence research. Dr. Jack Pacey and the team have developed the revolutionary Pacey Cuff suite of products to help solve men’s urinary incontinence issues in a way that wasn’t possible before. Offering comfort, that can be worn all day long.

Pacey MedTech’s mission is to revolutionize the incontinence industry by creating cutting edge and environmentally conscious products that will be the new standard for incontinence. We don't want to wear uncomfortable penis clamps, and we don't want you to either. The goal is help you, the user, achieve absolute freedom; freedom to explore and experience the world like you used to.

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Best Incontinence Products for Men: Shopping and Buying Guide

Imagine ordering a male incontinence clamp for the first time. You hope it will help and patiently wait for its delivery. Unfortunately, once you try it you find that it’s too painful to wear for more than an hour.

We have been there, and we know exactly how it feels. That's why we want to help you. We know how frustrating it is when a penis clamp fails to stay centred, when even after several attempts to click in place, it's still not right. Or when you do get it in place it starts to hurt after just a short while.

Inferior incontinence clamps are very wide by design and often slip out of position with every movement.

Backed by urologists and medical experts, our team has designed the Pacey Cuff male urinary incontinence clamp to help. Our goal is to solve all the challenges you face with those other penile clamps.

Like one of our new customers recently enthused: 

“I purchased a Pacey Cuff, it’s definitely the best move I ever made. For anybody that’s been dealing with incontinence using a number of pads per day, you have to try this item. It is really great. I have prostatectomy. This is definitely a great product. It's at least 90% effective, maybe 95%. The only time I had leakage is when I sneezed or coughed real heavy, other than that it has been perfect. First time in years I have been dry all day.”

Our team is always working to improve our incontinence products. We leverage the latest research findings and our customer's feedback with innovative technologies. We also back all of our products with exceptional customer service. Our aim is to protect your penis health and give you 100% satisfaction on every penny spent. 

The Pacey Cuff is made with durable and soft materials to give you maximum comfort and to keep you dry all day. 

Ask your doctor or healthcare provider about Pacey Cuff or call us to learn more. Learn how our incontinence products offer the best leak protection as well as the best value for your money.

The Pacey Cuff Ultra, the Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve and all our accessories are designed with your comfort in mind.

Winner of the 2020 HME Business New Product Award 

The HME Business New Product Award honors outstanding product development achievements by HME manufacturers and service providers.




Winner of the 2017 Joule Innovation Award

Out of 250 applicants Dr. Jack Pacey was chosen as 1 0f 5 grant recipients for his urethral control device.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jack Pacey

Dr. Jack Pacey is a medical doctor who has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. A surgeon at Burnaby Hospital for over 30 years, Dr. Pacey decided to branch out on his own and founded his first company, Saturn Biomedical Systems (later acquired by Verathon Medical Canada in 2006). His newest company, Pacey MedTech, is positioned to positively disrupt the urethral medical scene like never before, and his flagship product, the Pacey Cuff, is what is going to lead that disruption. Dr. Pacey lives in Vancouver, BC.

Ian McDougall

Chief Technology Officer

Ian has been active in medical device development in Vancouver for more than 20 years, mainly focused on urology and endovascular products. He is co-founder of five medical technology startups, and has substantial engineering, regulatory, and clinical trial experience that has led to the successful launch of many medical devices. Ian is a past recipient of the "Top 40 Under 40" from the magazine Business In Vancouver.

Nadine Ayoubi

Director, Marketing & Sales 

Nadine has been active in the medical device industry for over 15 years in both Vancouver and across Europe, with a focus on business development, product management as well as sales & marketing management. She is passionate about creating the best possible customer experience and to be working with the team at Pacey MedTech to bring new, unique products to market.


Daniel Rapoport MD FRCSC 

Reconstructive Urology

  • MD 2003 UBC Medical School. Urology Residency completed 2008 UBC Dept of Urological
  • Fellowship in Reconstructive Urology 2009 Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
  • Practice specializing in urinary incontinence, urinary tract reconstruction, prosthetics
  • Provide complex and re-do surgical management for recto-urinary fistulae, vaginal fistulae, urethral strictures, severe urinary incontinence
  • Clinical instructor, UBC Dept of Urological Sciences

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