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Partnership with Big On Health in the UK

Partnership with Big On Health in the UK

Pacey MedTech is excited to announce their partnership with Big On Health in the United Kingdom. Big On Health are a trusted partner who are dedicated on delivering quality, health and wellness products.

Bringing a team of medical device and healthcare industry experts, they will be supporting the key messaging and values of Pacey MedTech, bringing the Pacey Cuff™ to the UK.

If you are looking to purchase a    Pacey Cuff™    outside of Canada or the USA, please review our worldwide distributors list for contact information.

Q. What do your Doctors recommend when you have had Radiation or Surgery and your PSA continues to rapidly rise in spite of AntiAndrogen Therapy?

A. Not so much.

However, exciting new research has changed all of this!

Now a new treatment path has been shown to provide 20, or more, months of metastasis free survival time than previous watchful waiting.

Remember this is a specific group of patients,   but   it is not a small group that can now be substantially helped (currently 100,000 in the USA).

Spartan Trial had 1207 patients (Janssen Biotech)

Oral androgen receptor inhibitor-Apalutamide. The metastasis free survival was 40 months compared to 26 months for the control group treated with antiandrogen therapy alone.

Prosper Trial (Pfizer group)

Earlier known as the oral androgen receptor inhibitor-Enzalutamide - the metastasis free survival was 36.6 months compared to 14.7 months for the control group treated with AntiAndrogen Therapy alone.

The two trials will be reported this week at the Genitourinary Cancer Symposium 2018 in San Francisco where it is expected these drugs will propel a major change in therapy.

Both trials were done on men post treatment who had PSA double within 10 months time span indicating active cancer cell development.

The unanswered question of    which drug is superior    must remain conjecture until a proper head to head comparison is carried out.

In the meantime, if you or some you know are experiencing urine leakage after radiation or surgery, please read our article on How to Prepare For & Heal From a Radical Prostatectomy (Prostate Surgery).

Leaking Urine is Never Normal. Shop for the Pacey Cuff™ today!

Pacey MedTech's Continence Cuff includes: 

  • Our uniquely designed Urethral Pressure Pad™ blocks unwanted urine flow, allowing you to live your  life with confidence;
  • The Fenestrated Hood™  ensures normal blood flow, ensuring that you live in absolute comfort;
  • along with the Velcro® strap providing a comfortable custom fit for you. 
You’ve never felt this confident using any other product.

Get back to what matters, and stop worrying about leakage or other urinary issues. Life is short, make sure you make the most of it with the Pacey Cuff™.

24/7 Comfort - Urine Control - Normal Blood Flow


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