Pacey Cuff™ Available in France - Asept InMed - Pacey MedTech

Pacey Cuff™ Available in France - Asept InMed

Pacey Cuff™ Distribution with Aspect InMed for France and French Territories.

Pacey MedTech is pleased to announce their collaboration with French company   Aspect InMed  to bring the benefits of the Pacey Cuff™ to France and the French overseas territories. 

Mrs. Pacey at Asept Inmed with Pacey MedTech

Asept InMed have been active in the Medical field for over 20 years, and as a distribution company,    Aspect InMed prides themselves on their logistical capabilities to provide excellent & efficient service to health providers and customers.

Asept's core values mimic the values strived for at Pacey MedTech, bringing world class product innovation with exceptional customer service.

If you are interested in thePacey Cuff™ and live in France or any French overseas territories, please visit   Aspect InMed's distributor

ASEPT INMED - Distributeur de dispositifs médicaux


Pacey MedTech is pleased to announce that Pacey Cuff™ will be distributed in many countries by innovative Toulouse Based

Aspect InMed, of Toulouse France, a MediGlobe Company.

This is an exciting union of forces because the central Vision of changing   Post Prostatectomy and Prostate Radiotherapy care    is shared by the companies.  We believe that the incontinent patient is often not treated in an optimal way and therefore has major life disruption.

Post Prostatectomy transient and non transient incontinence remains a major health problem world wide. We plan to fill this void and bring patients back to Professional and Psychological normality.

Pacey MedTech  is exploring niche applications in   Stroke care    where we see potential to replace Condom care and Catheter use in post stroke patients.  The use of the   Pacey Cuff™  during ambulation offers new freedom. Spinal Cord Injury may offer some opportunities for patients that we will discover with our systematic search.

The use of the   Pacey Cuff™ will be explored in other Neurological problems to expand our ability to free patients in many niche applications.

France is a very innovative market for new ideas and this synchs well with Pacey MedTech ambition to create new markets for the   Pacey Cuff™ among the millions of men who have incontinence that is severe and uncontrolled by current devices.


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