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NEW PRODUCT: Pacey Cuff™ Drip Guard

Drip Guard Features

The all-new Pacey Cuff Drip Guard is designed to provide extra protection to users of the Pacey Cuff™. Drip Guard's ultimate function is to capture small leaks during the day as well as at night.

Try the Bundle!

Pacey Cuff  + Drip Guard

We have developed a system that combines the Pacey Cuff and the Guard to provide extra incontinence support to users.

The combination works really well together - the Guard can be used with the Cuff to catch any incidental drips.

Having an extra one or two Guards on hand adds to the convenience of not needing to have several disposables available, rather just one Guard.

The function of the Guard is enabled by the inner surface which has an adsorptive layer of velour adjacent to the skin.

The patent-pending adsorptive* capability is enabled by the monofilament loop field which attracts water or urine by molecular forces alone.

These forces can lock down a moderate amount of urine but also release it easily by a simple water rinse or soap and water wash.

Drying is best done by compression of the damp Guard between two layers of towel followed by air dry.

The use of a hair dryer on a warm cycle can complete the process in minutes if a rapid turnaround is necessary.

This device will dramatically reduce the number of pads that end up in the landfill and therefore represents a "greener" solution.

Rugged construction assures a long service life. 70% methanol spray or alcohol-based aftershave may be used from time to time to be certain that no bacterial contamination will develop.

*Adsorption: relies on the molecular attraction of water to the loops of monofilament on a closed cell foam base material.

*Absorption: relies on a material that has an open cell structure that allows water to enter into the structure. This is much harder to clean and dry so we do not use these kinds of materials.


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